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CYA Travel Coaches

Selection process

CYA Basketball put out a call for Travel coaches in May 2007, asking candidates to submit their application by July. The list of applicants is now closed, though the CYA Basketball Board reserves the right to open up the process for any particular age group if additional candidates are needed.

CYA Basketball will begin interviewing applicants in August and continue through early September. At the Basketball BOD meeting in mid-September, the review committees for each age group will submit their recommendations. The entire Basketball Board will then review these recommendations, discuss the candidates at each age group, and vote on the coaches to be selected. Once the vote is taken, candidates will be notified by a Board member within a few days as to whether or not she/he was selected to be a Travel coach this season. Note that each season the Travel coaches are re-interviewed and re-selected, i.e., no coach automatically retains his/her position from one year to the next.