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CYA Basketball Board

Contact Information

For general CYA matters, please contact the Basketball Chairman/Commissioner, Rick Shryock, at or the Director of Operations, Dan Dschuhan, at

For registration issues or refund requests, please contact the CYA registrar, Cindy Aune, at You can also call her at 703-597-1707.

For Travel basketball questions, please contact the CYA Travel coordinator, Shubha Johnson, at

For AAU questions, please contact our Girls AAU coordinator, Craig Ballam, at or our Boys AAU Coordinator, Shubha Johnson, at

To inquire about signing up as a house referee or to lodge a complaint about CYA house refs, please contact the Referee Coordinator, Monica Despins, at To lodge a complaint about the Cardinal refs (HS leagues), please contact Rick Shryock, at, or Dan Dschuhan at

To inquire about rules or lodge a sportsmanship-related complaint, please contact the Rules/Sportsmanship Coordinator, Rein Kiewel, at, Rick Shryock at, Dan Dschuhan at, Monica Despins at, Dale Howell at

For issues relating to boys house basketball, please contact the Boys Commissioner Dale Howell, at

For issues relating to girls house basketball - grades 7 through 12, please contact the Girls Commissioner, Lee Cooper, at

For issues relating to girls house basketball - grades 1 through 6, please contact the Deputy Girls Comissioner, Meghan Acocella at

For equipment-related issues, please contact the Quartermaster, Dale Howell at

For information about player and coaching clinics, contact Dan Dschuhan (

For information about special events, contact Scott Madsen at

For issues relating to the web site, contact JP Prochazka at

Boys-Girls League Administrators

Winter 2016-17 House Program

CYA Basketball Boys League Administrators - Winter 2016-17

Grade League Admin Cell Email
1 Jonathan Mattiello 703-801-3613
2 Robert Miller 703-927-9294
3 Scott Madsen 703-926-6266
4 Danny Rumford 703-597-5902
5 Jason Rosensweig 703-798-4982
6 Brad  Green 703-623-2069
7 Barry Culman 571-228-7595
8 JP Prochazka 703-867-3972
9 Cathy Awad 703-674-9463
10 Doug Hall 703-597-3745
11 Scott Madsen 703-926-6266
12 Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463

CYA Basketball Girls League Administrators - Winter 2016-17

Grade League Admin Cell Email
1 Renee Wayment 703-728-2452
2 Charlie Zimmerman 301-996-9445
3 James Holl 202-641-6725
4 Pat Sweeney 571-436-9905
5 Sarah Riccardi 703-505-3217
6 Chris Bartnik 703-862-8640
7 & 8 Shannon Gibbs 703-994-2353
9th - 12th Phil Vargas 703-476-0218

CYA Basketball Board

Chairman Rick Shryock 703-963-5430
Director of Operations Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463
Registrar/Vice-Chair Cindy Aune 703-597-1707
Boys Commissioner Dale Howell 703-216-8090
Girls Commissioner Lee Cooper 703-407-5298
Asst. Girls Commissioner Meghan Acocella 571-337-8040
Ref Coordinator Monica Despins 703-283-3794
Sportsmanship Rein Kiewel 703-346-6092
Quartermaster Dale Howell 703-216-8090
Scheduler Paul Jones 703-622-0586
Special Events  Scott Madsen 703-926-6266