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Boys League Administrators

Contact Information

Below are the Boys League Administrators and Commissioners for the 2004-05 season. The league administrator should be your first contact if you have any questions about your child's participation in CYA Basketball. If you cannot get the information that you need from the league administrator, contact the Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner.  For broader questions about CYA Basketball, contact the Chairman or Vice Chairman.
League Administrator Email Home Phone
Boys Commissioner Paul George 703-758-8644
Deputy Commissioner Dale Howell 703-318-4251
1st grade Marcie McCauley NA
2nd grade Joe Conwell 703-378-9029
3rd grade Chris Kurtzman 703-264-0375
4th grade Wally Welham 703-262-7936
5th grade Roger Shields 703-623-8524
6th grade Marcie McCauley NA
7th grade Marcy Dilworth 703-631-5206
Dale Howell 703-318-4251
8th grade Kim Lohmann 703-817-1552
9th grade Andrew Goldsmith 703-435-9009
10th grade Cindy Aune 703-476-5943
11-12th grades Susan Zeleniak 703-378-0207