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Weather and gym cancellation policy

General Information

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) or individual school authorities can close the school gyms at any time due to inclement weather. Whenever FCPS has announced that the schools will be closed due to weather conditions, then all school gyms (but not necessarily the Hoop Magic facility) are closed on that day. However, a school closure for weather reasons on Friday does not mean that the gyms will be closed on either Saturday or Sunday. FCPS will make a separate determination for weekend activities and post this on their hotline and website. Note that the FCPS decision-making process is sometimes slow if the snow begins later in the day on Saturday or Sunday. Also be aware that the school authorities at individual schools may decide to close down on the weekend even if FCPS has not yet made a public announcement.
It is the responsibility of each coach to determine whether the school gyms have been closed because of inclement weather and to alert the members of his/her team. This information can be obtained by watching the FCPS channel 21 on Comcast, Cox or Verizon, by calling the FCPS emergency information (800-839-FCPS (3277)) or the gym closure hotline (703-324-5264), or by going to the FCPS emergency website ( Coaches and parents are encouraged to sign up for the Fairfax Co. message service that can be broadcast both to an email address and a cell phone (sign up at This service will alert coaches to school closings due to weather or other emergency situations.  In addition, coaches should check their e-mails on nights prior to game days.
The Hoop Magic facility does not follow the FCPS gym closure guidelines. Instead, game cancellations at Hoop Magic due to weather are decided upon by the CYA Basketball Board in consultation with the Hoop Magic staff and the Cardinal Officiating organization. This information will be posted on the CYA website or can be obtained by calling Hoop Magic at 703-268-5780.
As soon as CYA receives information about weather-related cancellations at the schools or Hoop Magic, these announcements are posted to the Basketball page of the CYA website ( CYA will also endeavor to send out a mass e-mail to all CYA participants. In certain circumstances, CYA may cancel games due to unsafe driving conditions even if FCPS has not yet made a decision to close the schools.