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Rule Alert

Hanging on nets and rims

RULE ALERT: Hanging on nets and rims
NOTICE: Frequent problems have been encounterd with players hanging on nets and rims. This has resulted in many players been asked to leave the gym by the County building directors. Please make note of the following CYA rule.
Fairfax County Schools have mandated a No Dunking Policy in all warm-ups and games.  As guests of the schools, CYA subscribes to this policy. It is highly likely that CYA would be denied further use of a school facility if a basket were to be damaged as a result of dunking or hanging on the rim or net.  Thus, all dunking is prohibited during games, warm-ups, and practices. In addition, hanging on the rim or net is also prohibited during games and warm-ups  Referees will be instructed to issue technical fouls against offending teams (including against players warming up with a team who are not on the team's roster).  Coaches and Building Directors should monitor their team before, during, and after games. County Building Directors or CYA officials may remove players from the gym who are seen dunking, hanging on the net or rim, or merely slapping at the net, with no warning being issued beforehand. Coaches who tolerate this behavior on the part of their players may also be removed. This rule includes the Side Baskets, which are a frequent target in Elementary Schools.