CYA Soccer Field Status

Winter 2012-2013

Please refer to the Fairfax County Field Status Page:

Fairfax County Field Closings

or call the Fairfax County field hotline (703) 324-5264.

 Even though fields may be listed as open, each coach is reminded that your practice/game must be cancelled if any of the following exists on a field:

i.  The Fairfax County Field Sign indicates that the Field is Closed.

ii. There is standing water present that cannot be removed without causing damage to the field.

iii. There are muddy conditions present that will not dry by the start of the game/practice.

iv. While walking on the field, water can be seen or heard with any footstep.

v. While walking on pitch, any impression of your footprint is left in the soil surface.

vi. While walking on a bare area, an impression of more than a ¼" deep is left by a footprint

vii. It begins raining steadily and hard

viii You hear thunder or see lightning.

Please review CYA Soccer Field Policies on the left hand part of the screen!


Please call the CYA Field Hotline (703) 830-1272 or the Fairfax County field hotline (703) 324-5264 if the weather is bad and this page has not been updated. If it is raining when you reach the field and the fields have not yet been closed, we ask that each coach please consider the safety of the players and the condition of the field and make a responsible decision as to whether or not they practice.  Please keep off the pitch if the field has standing water or is muddy.  Final Field users are asked to please adhere to any signs indicating that a field is closed. Field closed signs take precedence over fields not identified above. For example, if fields are shown as open in this notice and the sign on the field indicates that the field is closed to play, the field is closed.

Fairfax County Field Closings

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