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Age Group Classifications

Fall 2012 / Spring 2013

US Youth Soccer Age Groupings

 Bantam  U5 Players born August 1st 2007 - July 31st 2008
 Bantam U6 Players born August 1st 2006 - July 31st 2007
 Bantam U7 Players born August 1st 2005 - July 31st 2006
 Junior U8 Players born August 1st 2004 - July 31st 2005
 Junior U9 Players born August 1st 2003 - July 31st 2004
 Junior U10 Players born August 1st 2002 - July 31st 2003
 Senior U11 Players born August 1st 2001 - July 31st 2002
 Senior U12 Players born August 1st 2000 - July 31st 2001
 Senior U13 Players born August 1st 1999 - July 31st 2000
 Senior U14 Players born August 1st 1998 - July 31st 1999
 Senior U15 Players born August 1st 1997 - July 31st 1998
 Senior U16 Players born August 1st 1996 - July 31st 1997
 Senior U17 Players born August 1st 1995 - July 31st 1996
 Senior U18 Players born August 1st 1994 - July 31st 1995
 Senior U19 Players born August 1st 1993 - July 31st 1994


Coach Licensing

For CYA Coaches and Potential Coaches

CYA soccer strongly encourages coaches to pursue licensing as a means of improving their knowledge of soccer and their teaching skills. CYA soccer recommends that bantam and junior coaches who plan to continue coaching to obtain at least an “F” license. CYA recommends that senior coaches obtain an “E” license. “E” and “F” license courses are periodically offered by CYA free of charge. Coaches should contact their division coordinators. If a coach wishes to take an “E” or “F” license course offered by another soccer association, CYA will reimburse the coach for the cost of this training. Coaches should contact their division coordinator prior to taking this course and obtain the necessary receipts for reimbursement.

CYA soccer strongly supports coaches who wish to obtain coaching licenses beyond the minimum recommended level. CYA may less frequently offer a “D” license course free of charge. Coaches interested in such a course should contact their division coordinator. CYA may reimburse coaches who pursue “D” or higher-level training at other soccer associations. Due to the higher cost of such courses, CYA will require that coaches obtain soccer board approval for reimbursement prior to taking the course. CYA recommends that coaches seeking reimbursement for higher level coaching courses provide a statement to the CYA soccer chairman of their intent to share the results of this training through further coaching or assistance to others in CYA soccer.


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