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2019 Recruiting Program

Win $25 and a chance at a free bat!

We are encouraging the girls to recruit friends to play our great sport.  If they can convince a friend who is new to softball to register, CYA Softball will reward them with a $25 gift card.  The girl who recruits the most new players will win a free bat or helmet, her choice!

Here are the details:

  • This is for recruiting new House players only (not new travel players), but registered travel families (Shockwave) are eligible to participate in the recruiting contest.  So if a Shockwave player recruits their friend to play in House, they earn a gift card
  • Player must be new to CYA softball which will be defined as a player who was not registered for CYA softball in 2018
  • Only the recruiter will be rewarded.  The new player will not receive any gift other than the joy of playing softball which is worth much more than $25!
  • Whoever recruits the most players will win a free bat up to a value of $75!  Player can choose from a selection which will be provided
  • We will give away one bat, so if there is a tie for the most players recruited, we will draw their names out of hat to determine the winner.  Runners up will receive recognition from the Softball President and a special gift
  • Recruiting family must email the Softball President ( with name and age of the player who they recruited for verification
  • Recruited player status will depend upon the email notification to the Softball President by the recruiting family and verification of the paid registration of the new player in CYA's registration system.  If you don't tell us you recruited Sally and Suzie, it doesn't count!  
  • Encourage the recruited player to add a special comment in the registration system stating they were recruited by your daughter

Questions?  Please email