Shockwave Travel

Softball is proud to announce our new travel program – CYA Shockwave!  We are excited to re-brand our travel program and build more synergy between the house and travel programs.  Our goal is to give CYA kids the opportunity to play softball at a higher competitive level while also meeting the overall program goals of developing strong, independent, confidant young ladies.  We recognize that CYA feeds several high schools and want to reflect that in our program. 

What is travel softball you may ask?  It is a higher level of competition than our house program, and you never have to go any further than Loudoun county.  There are local tournaments most weekends during the season.  The typical CYA team will play in 4 or 5 tournaments and several scrimmages throughout the fall season.  We strive to keep our fees low in comparison with other clubs, which gives the teams flexibility to try out travel softball without breaking the bank, but also allow more traveling if desired via fundraising or additional family contributions.  For example, we encourage attending clinics for speed training, conditioning, softball camps, bring in professional coaches, etc.   Our focus in on the girls, not our winning record – however, get two softball players together, and they will fight you for every run!  That is just how these young ladies roll …

If you have any questions, please email

Our Shockwave Teams:

18U Shockwave Pourhashemi – Coach Rachel is a former college softball player and experienced coach.  She already has her team practicing!  This is the third season for this team focusing more on personal development as players.  We are a competitive team but most importantly love to have fun.  We work on developing each player individually so they may further their softball career, whether that be in high school or beyond.  Our season runs from May to February broken down into 3 seasons summer and fall and winter workouts.  If you would like to join her team, please email her at

16U/18U Shockwave Wortman – Coach Dave is the varsity head coach for Fairfax High School and been coaching our most competitive LACE team the last few years.  He led them to be the #1 ranked 14U “C” level team in the nation a few seasons ago.  They have played at the very competitive B level ever since.  We are looking to add several players to this team and looking for starting pitching help.  Questions?  Contact Dave at

16U Shockwave Hoffman/Philipps – We have a very deep coaching staff and are moving the kids up from 14U this season.  We are a competitive team who are focused on developing the girls to be the best players they can be while also having fun.  We have roster openings and would love to see you at tryouts.  Questions?  Email coach Paul at

10U and 12U Shockwave – If you are interested in forming a team, please contact John Philipps at  We will provide all the training for any new coaches and also offer opportunities for some joint practices and workouts.