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Last updated 9/30/2015


Q: What are the different options for participating in CYA Wrestling?

A: We provide multiple options for wrestlers of all ages and experiences including: 

  • Future Champions (Practice Only):  This is a once a week introduction to wrestling with age-appropriate games and drills.  Limited to 15 wrestlers, ages 5-6.  
  • Non-Competition Option (Practice Only): For beginner and novice wrestlers who will attend 2 practice sessions during the week but will not participate in tournaments on the weekends.  Non-competitive and competive wrestlers practice together.     
  • Tournament Competition Option (Practice and Tournaments): For beginner, novice, and intermediate wrestlers who will attend 2-3 practice sessions during the week AND attend individual tournaments.  
  • Tournament Competition and Travel Dual Team (Practice and Tournaments)For experienced wrestlers who are looking for a higher level of competition there is a travel-team add-on option.  Wrestlers will attend 3 practice sessions a week including practice sessions with other clubs.  Wrestlers will participate in both indivdual tournaments and dual team tournaments on the weekends.  


Q: What is the non-competition option and why would this be a good choice for my wrestler?

A: Non-Competition wrestlers ONLY attend practices and do not participate in the weekend tournaments. This is a perfect option for wrestlers who want to learn to wrestle but do not want to or cannot compete on the weekends for various reasons. Non-competition wrestlers practice with the competition wrestlers and will have many opportunities to wrestle "live" matches during practice sessions without the pressure of attending a tournament.


Q: Can girls participate in wrestling?

A: Absolutely! Everyone is invited to wrestle!  Female wrestling exists at all levels of the sport, including the Olympics. Keep in mind though that female participation in the sport is relatively new in Northern Virginia therefore any girls that register will  practice and compete directly with the boys.


Q: Can I help coach even if I don't have any wrestling background or experience?

A: Definitely! We are happy to have all of the help we can get. Even if you dont have experience with wrestling, the kids will benefit from the added one-on-one attention they can get from an adult. If you are interested in serving as an assistant coach this winter, please email  


Q: What are the weight classes?  Does my child need to lose weight or make weight?

A: There are no weight classes in the WWS or MDWL.  Wrestlers are grouped together with other kids with similar age, experience, and weight. 


Q: How long does the season run?

A: Practices will begin in early November. Tournaments are scheduled from the second weekend in December through early March


Q: What equipment does CYA provide?

A: All registered wrestlers will receive a team t-shirt.  CYA provides a team singlet for competitions (with a security deposit) that must be returned at the end of the season. All wrestlers must purchase their wrestling shoes and headgear.  There is no other equipment necessary for wrestling.


Q: Why am I required to put down a deposit for the singlet?

A: In order to keep the cost down, we loan singlets to all competitive wrestlers.  However, ensure that the singlet is returned at the end of the season, we ask for a deposit check to cover the cost of a replacement if necessary. The deposit amount is $100. The check is not deposited and will be given at the end of the season when the singlet is returned.


Q: What are the hygiene concerns with wrestling?

A: Like any contact sport, its possible to contract certain skin conditions while wrestling. For this reason we take hygiene very seriously. We've had very few skin issues develop over the years with our team. The Chantilly high school team mops and disinfects the mat before every practice. Kids should always shower immediately after practices and tournaments. Only wrestling shoes should be worn on the mat, not street shoes. If your child shows signs of an issue please see a doctor immediately and let the coaches know.  Any wrestler with a visible skin disease will not be able to return to practice or wrestle in a tournament until a doctor fills out this release.



Q: How do I register my child for wrestling?

A: Go to the CYA registration page.

Q: How much does it cost for the season


Q: What does the registration fee cover?

A: The registration fee covers 2-3 practice sessions per week, a t-shirt, a trophy at the end of season banquet, and all Fairfax County administrative fees. The competitive registration option also the WWS and MDWL league registration fees.  All Championship Tournaments cost extra and are not included in the league fees.  

Q: What are the registration deadlines?

A: For 2018-19 the regular registration deadline for the competitive option is November 24, 2018.  The late registration deadline is December 17, 2018 and there is an additional $25 fee.  



Q: What is the practice schedule?

A: The exact days and times are still be worked out based on the availability of the wrestling room at Chantilly HS.  

Q: Where are practices held?

A: In the wrestling room at Chantilly High School.  The wrestling room is most easily accessible through Door #10.  It is on the left side across from the gym.

Q: What equipment does my child need for practice?

A: Wrestlers practice in a t-shirt, shorts, headgear and wrestling shoes.  They may not wear any other footwear (including sneakers or tennis shoes) on the wrestling mats.  Wrestlers who have braces must also wear a mouth guard.  

Q: My child can’t make all practices, can he/she still participate?

A: Yes.  Practices are not mandatory but it is highly recommended to attend every practice possible.  As an individual sport, the amount one improves is proportional to the amount of time they practice and spend time on the mat.  


Q: What equipment does my child need for tournaments?

A: All wrestlers must wear wrestling shoes, headgear, and the team singlet. Optional: mouth guard.


Q: What are the weight classes?

A: For the beginner/intermediate tournaments there are no weight classes. After all wrestlers weigh-in, they are grouped with other kids with similar age, experience, and weight.


Q: How many matches will my child wrestle at a tournament?

A: Most wrestlers wrestle two or three matches in a round robin format. Sometimes there will be more or less, especially for very small and very big kids. If your kid can't be paired, the tournament organizers will ask your permission to move them to a different weight group or age group in order to get them matches.  


Q: Will my child be grouped with more experienced opponents?

A: First year wrestlers get grouped with first year wrestlers. Wrestlers with at least one year of experience one another.  At the end of the year Tournament, all wrestlers will wrestle against one another.  

Q: What are the volunteer requirements at tournaments?





Q: Is there an awards banquet?  Do the wrestlers receive trophies?

A: Yes, after the season ends, there will be an awards banquet in March. All wrestlers will receive trophies and additional awards will be presented based on performance durign the season. Details will be sent by the banquet committe at the end of the season.

Q: How do I return the singlet and recieve my deposit back?

A: The equipment manager will establish a time and place for this exchange at the end of the season.  At this time, your deposit check will be returned.  Please note that this check is never deposited and will be returned to you or torn up when the singlet is returned and all volunteer requirements are met.