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2019-2020 Practice Information

Location: Chantilly High School Wrestling Room (Entrance #10)
  • Mondays: Gold 7-9

  • Tuesdays: Future Champs 6-6:45, Grey/Purple 6:45-8:15

  • Wednesdays: Gold 7-9 @ Westfield HS

  • Thursdays: Grey/Purple 6:00-7:15, Gold 7:15-9

  • Fridays: Gold 6:30-8:15

Practice Groups: Each session is organized by age and experience:

Future Champions: 5-6 Year Olds - Practice Only
One practice session a week

Tuesdays 6-6:45

Grey Practice: 6-10 Year olds - Practice Only 
Two practice sessions a week

Tuesdays 6:45-8:15 and Thursdays 6-7:15

Purple Practice: 7-14 Year olds - Tournament Competition 
Two practice sessions a week
Tuesdays 6:45-8:15 and Thursdays 6-7:15

Gold Practice: 7-14 Year Old Advanced Wrestlers
Four practice sessions a week
(3x @ CYA, 1x @ Partner Club)

Mondays 7-9pm
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 @ Westfield HS

Thursdays 7:15-9pm
Fridays 6:30-8pm


Practice Attire:  All wrestlers must wear wrestling shoes, a t-shirt, shorts, and headgear.  Optional: Mouth guard.

Water Bottles:  All wrestlers must bring a water bottle to practice