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Definitions for Prep, Alliance, Babe Ruth, and Seniors


NFC 16-19 Senior Babe Ruth 

Registration for 16-19 NFC Babe Ruth is via the CYA Registration link

The Senior Division is a combination of 16-19 year old players. There are usually 3-4 teams in the NFC Senior Division. NFC Senior Division teams play a 14-16 game schedule with inter- league play against senior level teams from other Babe Ruth leagues in the Northern Virginia area including teams in our District (VII) and other districts. There is an all-star team season following the regular season.

Our intent is to have fun and play as high a level of baseball as possible.  We encourage players to identify friends they want to play with on the same team.  We try to honor as many of these requests as possible, while making each team competitive.  Players can remain on the same team each year or request to be on a different team from the previous year.

Practices for the spring season start in April.  Up to 2 practices per week are normal.  Players that are participating in sping High School sports (e.g., baseball, LAX, soccer, track) can participate in practices.  Games normally will start in the second half of May and finish around early July.  Two to three games per week are normal during the spring season.  Some early games may be conducted with players that are available before college players return and high school players finish their spring season.

Our NFC Senior Division also plays a fall season from September through early November.  Registration for the fall season starts in July.  Players that were league age 15 a spring seeason are expected to play as rising 16's in the NFC 16-18 Division in the fall season. Registration for the fall Senior Division is via the CYA Registration link. 

Our Senior Division has sponsored an indoor Winter Camp starting in January and ending by March. Starting in 2019, the Winter Camp will be conducted in the CYA Fieldhouse.  The camp is open to all players from Little League age through 19.  You do not have to have played in our league to participate in the camp.  Registration is available via the CYA Registration link.



NFC 13-15 Babe Ruth

Register for 13-15 NFC Baber Ruth at www.nfcbaberuth.com 

The Prep Division was designed to provide maximum experience on the big field to as many 13 year olds as possible. The Prep Division consists of 4 teams, which play a 14 game season that includes competition with teams from Herndon and Reston. The Prep Division teams are formed in early March and continue to play games until the last week in June. At the end of the season, a 13 year old all-star team will be selected to represent the Chantilly Babe Ruth League at the District VII Tournament.

The Alliance Division is a combination of 14 year old players and 15 year old players. The Alliance Division season starts in April and ends in late June. There are 4 Alliance Division teams within CYA. Typically, 9 of the players on an Alliance Division team will be 14 years old and 3-4 of the players will be 15 years old. The 15 year old players in the Alliance Division usually provide leadership and maturity to the team. The Alliance Division has a 16 game schedule that include games against Herndon and Reston. The biggest difference between the Babe Ruth Division and the Alliance Division is the strength of the pitching. Players on Alliance Division teams are often there by choice. There is a Alliance Division all-star team and in addition, all Alliance Division players are eligible to play on the 14 year old and 15 year old all-star teams.

The Babe Ruth Division is a combination of the more competitive 14 year old and 15 year old players. The Babe Ruth Division starts its season in mid-may after the high school junior varsity seasons are over and their season ends about June 30. There are 4 Babe Ruth Division teams within CYA. Babe Ruth Division team rosters are limited to 12 players, of which, a minimum of 4 players must be 14 year olds. Typically, 8 of the 12 players on an Babe Ruth Division team roster are 15 years old. These teams play a 16 game schedule that includes competition against Herndon and Reston. Players are eligible to play on the 14 year old and 15 year old all-star teams.



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