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Here are some guidelines for our season.  We will add to or modify these as needed.

1.We will adhere to 10 foot distancing by players and spectators.  That may mean spectators have to watch from outside the field. 

2. Wearing face masks: everyone - players, coaches, umpires and fans should have them available at the field to wear for cases where the 10 foot distancing can not be maintained.  I told the players that our infielders and hitters should have them on but on their chin to allow use if there is a need to hold runners or have a tag play.  

3. Each player needs their own equipment - Equipment is not to be shared.  Each catcher needs to bring their own set of catchers gear.

4. Umpire positioning about 6 feet behind the catcher or behind the pitcher.  

5. Hand sanitizer:  It appears that bottles are back in many stores.  All fans, coaches and players should bring their own sanitizer.

6. I think batting gloves should be worn whenever feasible. 

7. No spitting on the field or saliva on the balls.

8. High five's at the end of games are eliminated and replaced with some social distancing form of sportsmanship.

9. Cleaning the field - We are required to maintain CHS after use. There are rakes, drags, brooms, and a tamp to use.  I recommend wearing your batting gloves when using the tools, but you can substitute by using your hand sanitizer when we finish.  I will try to carry a can of Lysol in case we need to sanitize any objects.

10. Mandatory -  anyone showing signs of a cold or other sickness is not allowed to participate.

11. Everyone (Players, coaches/volunteers, spectators) is required to sign the release form.  Please bring/email me a signed hardcopy.

12. The latest guidelines are that holding runners and tag plas are considered incidental contact and allowed.

13. No sharing of water, food/seeds, towels, or other things that could allow transfer of the virus.  Each player must bring their own water!!!

14, Players will be positioned down the fence line at 10 foot increments when not on the field.  This equates to the poles holding up the fence. This is where their personal bags will be during the game.  Normally this will be outside the field, but at CHS we will need to have players inside the normal field of play or in a special player area, so we may modify the out of play area.  Players can bring a chair to set up at their spot.  You may want to bring a tarp or other device to produce shade or protect your bag/gear from rain.

15. We will have the defensive team supply the balls and chase down foul balls.  Fans are not to chase down balls.  The umpires will not handle the balls.

16. Players need to arrive 60 minutes before game time.  It is hard to have BP or on field warmups when players don't arrive as expected.

17. We typically use an all bat lineup, so everyone attending is in the game.  No player is to sit out defense more than one inning in a row unless needed due to injury, exhaustion, discipline.

18. Away games could be on another day or time other than those identified for our home games.

19. Please identify absences as early as possible.  Please arrange any work/other schedules around our game schedule. 

20. At away games, we will need to adhere to any host additional/variations of these guidelines.

21. Players should have their temperature taken at home on practice/game days to verify they are healthy to allow participation.  If a player is sick they shoud stay home.  Same with coaches or other volunteers.  We may take temperatures at the field if their is any question about the health of a player.

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