NFC Senior BR uses Babe Ruth rules.

Local NFC game rules that are in addition to the Babe Ruth Rule Book:

- Courtesy runner for catcher & pitcher is allowed at any time and should be used with two outs. 
     - - The last non-pitcher / non-catcher out should be used as the runner
- All-bat line-ups are used, this means the batting lineup will include all players showing up for the game. 
     - - Batting order:  includes all players present and is fixed at beginning of game. 
     - - Latecomers are added at bottom of batting line-up as they arrive.
     - - Batting positions for players that leave early or are injured are skipped over (no penalty)
- Free substitution will be allowed between all players in field
     - - With 16 or fewer players present, all players will play a minimum of two innings in the field by the end of the fourth inning. 
     - - Exceptions permitted in cases of late arrival/early departure, injury, or discipline.)
- No new inning starts after 2 hours
       -  -  All games will be called after 2 hours and 15 minutes (drop dead)
- Games may be played with as few as 6 players per team, where open defensive positions may be filled using players from the other team.
      -  -  An out will not be incurred for batting order positions not filled due to less than 9 players present
- Teams may borrow players from other teams to avoid forfeits.
    - - Borrowing players:  The purpose of our program is to play, not to forfeit.  Borrowed players must be on the roster of a team in the League, cannot be used as a pitcher without consent of the players coach, and should not play more innings than players on the roster of the team doing the borrowing.

Other Guidelines:

No official won-lost records, standings, or trophies.

Field maintenance:  (for NFC games) Both teams should prepare and clean up the field.  All teams clean up the dugout they used.


Specific instructions for field maintenance at Chantilly HS include:

- First game of the day: teams are to remove the tarps at home and pitchers mound by rolling them up on the poles and placing them along the fence down the 3rd base line past the gates.  DO NOT ALLOW PLAYERS TO WALK ON THE TARPS WITH THEIR CLEATS ON.

- Pitchers Mound: rake and tamp all holes, restore the slope, water if possible, post game - replace the tarp if you have the last game.

- Home Plate: rake and tamp all holes, drag, water if possible, post game - replace the tarp if you have the last game

- Base Paths: drag with hand drag or rake (away from grass), use broom to brush dirt from grass back into the base path.

- Infield: rake and fill holes, drag with peraonal and/or large drags, pull dirt back toward the bags to fill in low spots created by sliding, use broom to brush loose dirt out of the edges of the grass, water if possible

- In the fall when field hockey equipment is present: the bleachers, chairs, goals, tables, and trash cans must be moved and repositioned.  If multiple games are scheduled in a day, the first game removes the equipment and the last game of the day must restore the equipment to the field hockey configuration.  Both teams should participate in moving the feild hockey equipment before and after the game.


Game balls: Three or more new balls are provided by the home team.  Good used balls may be used to supplement three new balls.

Home team:  Uses the third base dugout.

Ejection by umpire:  Ejected player/coach/fan must leave the field area.  Ejected player/coach cannot participate in next game.  Report any ejections to League President.  Appeals about an ejection must be provided to the League President. 


Sportsmanship:  This is a must!  Players, coaches, and fans must conduct themselves with sportamanship in mind at all times!   Foul language is not tolerated.   Players are not to talk to the opponents, spectators, or the umpires in a disrespectful manner.

REMEMBER - Not only do you represent yourself, you also represent your parents, your team, NFC Babe Ruth, our community, and Babe Ruth International.   Many people will likely not remember a good play you made, a big hit, or who won a game, BUT they will remember how you conducted yourself as a person.

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