Cheer Squads

Cheer squads will be assembled following the close of registration.  Consideration will be given to any special requests (cheering with friends, siblings, carpooling, following a specific football team, etc.) however we cannot guarantee that all requests would be granted. 

Squads will typically consist of 10-15 cheerleaders organized by age and skill level.


Attendance Policy

Cheerleading is a team sport.  Cheerleaders work hard together at practices to develop formations, routines, stunts and cheers.  Every member is important and therefore full participation is expected.  Regular attendance at practices and games is necessary, for missing an event effects the entire squad.  It is expected that the athlete be responsible in all aspects of their life and a CYA Cheerleader needs to perform well in school and behave at home.  The CYA Cheerleading program should not be used as a method of punishment, as it is the team that suffers as a result.     


A parent/cheerleader commitment agreement will be executed at the beginning of the season.  Prior to registering for CYA Cheer, be sure that the Cheerleader can make the commitment for the entire season.  The intent of the commitment agreement is to outline expectations and consequences to serve in the best interest of the program, participants and coaches.

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